"Discover and access the world of the Earth’s soul with all her dimensions embedded within the physical body of our planet and her reflection in each of us. True freedom, beauty, and adventure of life appear when we enter that world." — Andrej Loncar


We invite you to join us to:

Establish segments of everyday life in sync with the life of the Earth

Discover the Spiritual Dimension of the Planet

Reestablish the Divine Flow in Us and the Earth

Co-create with the World of the Earth’s Soul

Create abundance and anchor peace out of this live connection


What We Do

Breath of Creation is pioneering the discovery of and the collaboration with the invisible spiritual dimension of the Earth that through its divine origin navigates life throughout the planet.

We synchronize everyday lives of individuals and society with the flow of the Earth’s soul.

We teach people to access the subtle spiritual and energetic levels of their homes and land and invite the spiritual dimension of the Earth to breathe freely and with it support people living there.

We also develop and implement projects useful to people through which the Earth can express herself freely.



Andrej Loncar works with groups, individuals, organizations, and families on reawakening ability to perceive and collaborate with the Earth’s soul and all her invisible dimensions.

Through this work we can synchronize modern lifestyles with the life of the Earth, reestablish the divine flow in us and the Earth, and create abundance and anchor peace out of this connection.

Andrej has been creating and implementing projects that embody ways of life that are in sync with the spiritual dimension and the evolution of our planet.



Starting June 27-28, 2015

(June – October 2015)

6 interconnected weekend Units

Saturdays & Sundays 9am-7pm

(We will go to 4-7 different landscapes of the Bay Area each weekend for direct experience)

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