Andrej Loncar works with groups, individuals, organizations, and families on reawakening ability to perceive and collaborate with the Earth’s soul and all her invisible dimensions. Through this work we can synchronize modern lifestyles with the life of the Earth, reestablish the divine flow in us and the Earth, and create abundance and anchor peace out of this connection. Andrej has been creating and implementing projects that embody ways of life that are in sync with the spiritual dimension and the evolution of our planet.

Through his training programs and gatherings/lectures, Andrej has been teaching people to accurately perceive, feel, and see the invisible spiritual identity and energetic structure that is an integral part of all of us, the space around us, and the Earth with its living landscapes; and to collaborate with the consciousness of the planet.
Andrej has also been working with families to establish new functioning dynamics and follow developmental needs based on communication with the spirit world, and find proper use of individual talents. Through his consultations Andrej works with people and their living/working spaces to harmonize the spiritual, emotional, and energetic activity, purpose, and coexistence between people, land, and living/work space. He has also consulted for schools to assist in developing their vision and holistic approach to teaching and guiding children in their coming of age journeys and embracing their life calls.
Andrej, with his wife Maja, co-founded an organization ‘Breath of Creation’ to synchronize life of humanity with the spiritual dimension that permeates everything.

For more information about Andrej and his work please see: http://www.andrejloncar.com/about-andrej-loncar/andrejs-story/



Co-Founder / Director of Operations 

Maja Loncar 

Tree hugger


Past Experience

Director – HADASSAH, GREATER WASHINGTON AREA CHAPTER; Rockville, MD December 2007–June 2011

Financial Administrator – HADASSAH, GREATER WASHINGTON AREA CHAPTER; Silver Spring, MD April 2005–December 2007

Operations and Staff Travel Coordinator, Migrant Movement Department – INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR MIGRATION; Washington, DC September 2002–July 2004

Processing and Registration Associate, German Forced Labor Compensation Program – INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR MIGRATION; Washington, DC May 1999–September 2002



GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY – Master of Arts in International Commerce and Policy

RHODE ISLAND COLLEGE – Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, cum laude





Upcoming Training Program, Gatherings, and Projects:

  • Training Program: June – October 2015
  • Experiential Gatherings & Lectures: Monthly gatherings (please see our home page for dates)
  • Publication pending on Andrej’s novel about a boy coming of age
  • A movie about a boy with extra sensory perception sidelined from society due to his gift



Recent Training Programs, Gatherings & Lectures:


Training Programs:

  • Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 San Francisco Bay Area
  • Fall 2012 – Spring 2013 San Francisco Bay Area
  • Spring 2011 – Fall 2011 Washington, DC


Experiential Gatherings and Lectures:

  • Infinite Possibilities & Clarity of the Moment, May 2015
  • Cosmic Ballerina’s Terrestrial Dance, March & April 2015
  • Inner Nurture & Regeneration, January 2015
  • Spiritual Structures and Technology in us and the Earth, November 2014
  • Earth’s Soul & Systems of Infinite Consciousness, October 2014
  • World of the Earth’s Soul, October 2014
  • Soul of Spreckels Lake & Its Sacred Ability, October 2014
  • Portals to the Spiritual Dimension, September 2014
  • Releasing the Inner Child, August 2014
  • Deep Earth Grounding Paves the Way, August 2014
  • Earth – Navigating all Streams of Consciousness, June, 2014
  • Accessing All “Chambers” of the Soul, April, 2014
  • Re-membering Our Connection to Earth & Source, March 2014
  • Synergy of Earth’s Dimensions – its Reflection within Humans, February, 2014
  • Shaping the Future of Humanity – Soul of Yerba Buena Gardens, October, 2012
  • Sacred Alchemy of Life Creation & Evolution, August, 2012
  • Collaborating with the Soul of Landscapes, July, 2012
  • Collaborating with the Soul of the School’s landscape (Washington Waldorf School), Fall 2011
  • Earth’s Multidimensional Reality & the Task of Humanity – Perceiving Subtle Dimensions of Earth, Our Homes and Bodies & Our Role in the Coming Earth Changes, Sprig 2011
  • Experiential gathering for a group of 45 shamans and initiates – Emerging of the New Earth In and Around Us, Spring 2011
  • Collaborating with the Essence of Landscape – Initiating Cooperation with the Spirit World on Earth, Fall 2011
  • Embracing the Soul’s Spiritual Quest in the Material World – World of Iron: Reviving its Heart, Fall 2011





Andrej came to the US in 1997 on academic and tennis scholarships. He graduated from American University business school at the top of his class. He also competed on the school’s Division I tennis team, which achieved an all-time high #60 national ranking, and was selected an Academic All-American for two years in a row. After graduation, Andrej worked for several years at one of the most prestigious tennis clubs in the Washington DC area as a tennis professional and coordinator where he was selected Employee of the Year. He then became a manager at Sutton Racquet Club where he organized all tennis activities and built a maximum membership base almost from scratch with very little resources.

Having witnessed chaos brought by civil war and experienced the competitive and sometimes aggressive approach that drives today’s education and sports, Andrej dreamed of working on projects that would shift this narrow focus towards reaching highest individual potential and making a direct contribution to the world.

In 2005 Andrej founded the “No Limits” junior tennis development program to work on children’s inner development and character building, discipline, emotional stability, ethics, responsibility, and respect through the game of tennis. Mentoring was one of the key components that brought much success in transferring the skills learned on the tennis court into daily life. About half a dozen of long time participants achieved a top twenty junior national ranking and received tennis scholarships at first tear academic and athletic schools. More than two dozen of his students are already making significant positive influence in lives of their families, schools, communities, and the world. Over the years numerous parents have supported Andrej’s “No Limits” tennis development program through connections with athletic directors of major Washington DC schools, donations, gifts, word of mouth recruiting, and gatherings to foster and celebrate the program and what it delivers.