Become Accessible to the Spirit: Key to this Moment

A call to humanity – from the soul of the San Francisco Bay:

February 2014

c_9_1Following my relationship and close work with the soul of the Earth and the San Francisco Bay, I was led through the following experience that we are called to embrace on the personal and collective evolutionary levels. The tone of this work was most serious and deep, and I was encouraged not to delay its embrace and to share it with others promptly.

When I asked the Bay what was most important in this moment this is what the Bay took me through:


  • Be fully connected with all preparatory work before this meditation
  • Descend into your reproductive region; then allow the motion of “splitting” into two to take place with your lower part to go down and your upper part to go up. This will create a new open region.
  • Experience this new region. How does it look and feel like? Does it move and if so how?
  • After a while you should notice a shape appear in front of you. (For me it was a dark, almost black rose made of some sort of metal. It has a spiral like opening in the middle and I am being invited to descend through it even though the opening seemed smaller than me. I put my foot through the opening and feel how I am actually going through the rose bud. When I completely appear on the other side, below, I see the rose some distance away and a dark blue area all around me.)
  • At that moment be completely aware of the innermost quality/sensation of the spirit of the physical place where you are located at the time of the meditation.
  • Then, notice what happens (For me, the moment I became aware of that, the dark blue area where I found myself after descending through the rose bud gradually reveals its face, depth, and feel. I felt that the separation between inside and outside, physical and spiritual disappeared and the density of the spirit permeated me completely. My breathing slew down and parts of my body that were tense relaxed. I became a part of everything and breathing of the Universe became my breathing. I opened my eyes and saw the movement of the spirit in everything that surrounded me.)

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