Training Program

New Training Program Coming in 2016!


Spring-Summer 2015 (Starting June 27-28)

Earth’s Soul & Personal Life Field

Integrating the Spiritual Aspects of Human and Earth Evolution


Discover and access the spiritual world of the planet

Create abundance and anchor peace out of this live connection

(From Abstract& Esoteric to Intimate & Practical)



(dates could be somewhat adjusted by popular demand of the group)

June 27-28

July 25-26

August 15-16  

September 12-13

October 3-4

October 24-25

(November 7-8, back up date)


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Training Program Description:  

As the Earth continues her evolution path, the intensity and the shape of those potent processes will find different reflection within humanity based on our ability to integrate the corresponding spiritual aspects in our individual and collective lives. Deepening our abilities to differentiate between the life and path of the soul from the outdated patterned living that needs to be transformed is of the utmost importance at this time. In that way we will establish the spiritual foundation for natural creation of new ways of personal, family, and societal living that is in harmony with evolution of the soul and the soul of the Earth.


In order for humans to reach the elusive true inner peace that we have been seeking for thousands of years we will need to:

  • Experience on a much deeper level the spiritual and energetic structure of our personal life fields and examine all that goes on in the aura
  • Experience our relationship with the divine in us and the soul of the Earth with all her dimensions within her physical body
  • Integrate Earth’s evolution changes on the spiritual and energetic levels within individual energetic structure and soul’s path
  • Learn to integrate Earth’s evolution changes into completely new ways of living, and in such way support harmonizing life of the Earth with the life of humanity


This experiential training will lead us deep into discovering the presence of the soul, the relationship of the soul and the divine source of life through live experience within us, and the relationship with the Earth’s soul. Through different processes and exercises we will work to discover and experience multitude of dimensions in us and the Earth/land. We will develop our inner language for interaction with the spiritual dimension of the planet in each land, and through it discover what is our connection and relationship, how the land influences us, how we can foster our personal development and find inner peace through this relationship. At the same time, through these deep processes we will help liberate Earth’s natural spiritual and energetic flow that has been altered by our ways of living.


We will work to discover spiritual and energetic systems within the human body and life field (the aura) as well as the spiritual and energetic systems within the Earth. We will begin to experience the current state of energetic flow within us and the Earth, what this flow would like to become, and how we can help it develop. We will discover aspects of the new Earth living paradigm, integrate it within our individual life fields, and find practical ways to incorporate it within our personal and community lives, and initiate developing projects that would be in harmony with the Earth’s soul.


Earth’s Soul – Discover Our World

The world of the deepest love – compassion and responsibility – and the feeling that a flight of a butterfly awakens in us, the world of serene yet awe inspiring immersion with the source of life with respect and admiration for its wisdom and truth, exists within us and all throughout our planet, the home of the Earth’s soul.


Invisible Dimensions of the Earth

logoEarth’s soul with all her invisible dimensions, as part of the divine creation, is embedded within the physical body of our planet and her landscapes.It navigates life and its spiritual and physical evolution on the planet.

During our lifetime we are inseparable from the Earth’s soul and her energetic grid that permeates every inch of the planet’s surface and its interior/core. However, as our civilization focused on the development of our mental capacities, technology, and industry, we slowly lost awareness of our connection to the divine source within us and to the Earth soul’s expression in landscapes – the connections that steer our individual and collective lives every day.

Our task is to awaken the forgotten abilities that we all have to recognize the connection with the source of life and the Earth’s soul in each of us, and to integrate and synchronize our modern lifestyles with this source and the Earth’s soul and learn what it means to live out of this connection.  


As we focus our attention inside, to the depths of our own being and origin, our understanding, vision, and the knowledge of the outside world widens like eagle’s view as it climbs higher.

We are capable to regain our consciousness of this connection, to discover what it means to live in union with the living Earth, and to create happiness, abundance, and peace out of it.


San Francisco Bay AreaEarth’s planetary spiritual function at this place

IMG_0256Because of a vital function that the soul of the Earth is expressing in the San Francisco Bay Area, our program is currently taking place in this region.

Through our work together we will discover the innermost identity of the soul of the San Francisco Bay Area, its complex components and function on the planetary level, and its reflection and anchor within us.



During the experiential training program you will awaken your abilities to:


  • Perceive and experience the presence and the identity of your own soul
  • Discover and experience different expressions and functions of the Earth’s soul in every landscape and our living space, and how it affects our personal lives
  • Re-establish the divine flow in us and the Earth, your living space, the region, and the world
    • Synchronize life of humanity with the life of individual soul and the soul of the Earth, and with it give anchor to lasting inner and collective peace
  • Interpret daily events as spiritual manifestation of individual and collective treatment of the spirit and the level of our synchronicity with the evolution of the planet and consciousness
  • Follow inner development requirements of the moment that you start feeling within you from connection with the Earth’s soul and the spiritual dimension
  • Discover and integrate New Inner Frontiers on your path – new spiritual abilities and ways to implement the responsibilities that come with it
  • Reintegrate parts of us that have lost consciousness of the source and direction in life
  • Express the essence of the soul of the land & find practical embodiment and manifestation of its function within the life of an individual and the society
  • Engage and collaborate with the dimension of the ancestors to build on their efforts
  • Attune to the Cosmic and planetary evolution to consciously support this process within us


  • Discover some of the 7 aspects of the soul of the Bay Area and their reflection within us
  • Discover some of the 8 places that embody the seeds for “new individual and societal functioning” of the future (spiritual individual / spiritual society) – in those places the Earth is streaming live information available to us as to how to shift the focus of life from acquisition to relationships, maturing, development, responsibility, sustainability, and love



Personal and Collective Peace as a Result

Inner and outer peace are inseparable from evolution.

If we are able to attune our lives to the rhythm of evolution, we can tap into inner and collective peace. The key to that process is to find ways to surrender to the divine soul within us.

Then we can recognize and feel its connection to the divine origin of the universe and the soul of the Earth. By doing that we would re-establish the divine flow in us and the planet.

The Earth’s soul would then be able to express freely offering rich streams of life to all of us that is scarcely available now.

With some experience these processes within us become very tangible making it a lot easier to allow the soul to express itself and start participating in these deep processes.



Program Structure


6 Weekends (interconnected units)

Saturday 9am-7pm

Sunday 9am-7pm

We will go to 4-7 different landscapes of the Bay Area each weekend for direct experience


Cost (per weekend per person): $285-$375 sliding scale



Unit 1

Discover your Inner World & the World of Earth’s Soul (spiritual dimension of the planet)


Enter the spirit flow within your energy field and begin conscious connection and the discovery of the invisible dimensions in land/Earth.

We will step into another world that has been around us forever. We will begin to learn how to recognize the identity of our souls and to differentiate the feel of the soul based on direct experiences that we will enter though exercises and through our direct contact with the soul of the Earth and the land we are working with. We will start to gain experience in differentiating the spiritual identity and the function of different landscapes, and to recognize our relationship with the Earth’s soul.

We will learn to observe the world from the “eye of the soul” and how to act from that place within us. Then, we will slowly start to notice the depth and the beauty of the spiritual world of the Earth with all her dimensions. The Earth will offer constant feedback to us pointing to parts of us that wish to be awakened, transformed, or included in our daily lives. This is where our journey to true growth and evolution that is in sync with the Earth starts. Our conscious personal relationship with the Earth will start to form and it will continue to evolve throughout life.


Unit 2

Discover aspects of personal and Earth’s evolution ready to be integrated in the daily lives

Andrej's Iphone pics 2012-2013 191

Discover these aspects through work with the soul of different lands, learn how to transform outdated ways of functioning to support your process of evolution and with it help liberate those same aspects in the Earth and humanity

We will start to differentiate spiritual identities and their systems within landscapes. When we sense the deepest identity of a landscape and get in touch with its soul, we awaken the same aspect of our own souls and help the land regain its natural energetic flow. In essence, by recognizing its spiritual identity and finding ways to express it, we allow the spirit of the land to spread its flow and breathe more freely. As a result, the land can release its life energy and make it available to everyone. Also, trauma and blocks are released from the land and from ourselves allowing the soul to come forth more transparently. We are starting to engage with this essential yet invisible world in tangible ways, and work directly on integrating spiritual aspects of evolution within our own energy field and life.


Unit 3

Reaching the well of life and wisdom in us and the Earth


Experiencing how personal and collective life would feel and look like if our decisions were based in the connection with the well of life and wisdom (our connection with the divine in us and the soul of the Earth)

In reconnecting with the divine and the Earth’s soul in us, we can develop a model of what it means to live in sync with the Earth and all her dimensions. We will ask the Earth to show us what it practically means to live out of this newly discovered conscious connection in our daily lives and observe how it helps us grow, how it nurtures us, and how we are able to create and build with ease and love.


Unit 4


Forming the spiritual partnerships within us and with others

How does our relationship with the divine and the Earth translate into daily life and how do we create partnerships with others that are based on individual development requirements and using talents to create together – new ways of living, new jobs/professions, and community functioning based on the live connection with the evolution of the planet.

We will also prepare for the test/initiation in the next unit.


Unit 5

Practical Test of Our Abilities – “Initiation” – Work with the Invisible World

IMG_0364Every participant will be tested on the perception of the invisible dimensions of the Earth and its reflection within us.

We will also have to demonstrate the ability to lead the group in work with the spiritual dimension of the planet convincing everybody of his/her authenticity, integrity, and the ability to create practical work out of the live connection with the invisible reality.



Unit 6

Conclusion – Let go of the shores and step into your role


Embark on a journey that is meant to be yours with humility, integrity, courage, love, and faith.

Work out of the soul and with the invisible spiritual dimension and the Earth’s soul to discover and implement live work in us and the land, and to translate (and possibly create) these spiritual aspects into practical use of individuals and the community.